Our Community Appreciates

Teachers and Staff

"Dedication of teachers, school principal and staff - Principal, teachers and staff are are all personally engaged in students activities inside and outside the classrooms. They reach out to parents through news letters, morning programs, talent shows, music concerts, and other school activities on a regular basis."

PD and Collaboration

"Opportunities to collaborate and supportive administration - I feel so fortunate to have so many opportunities to collaborate with other staff members on a weekly basis. Also, knowing if we need something we can go to administration and have always been supported, given the time and materials we need to continue our endeavors."

Leadership and Admin

"Administration is supportive of anything that benefits kids - I truly believe that if it benefits kids, administration will find a way to make it happen. It's awesome knowing that kids are a priority."

Extracurricular and Athletics

"Activities for the students - Windsor MS and staff do a great job with choral concerts, awards ceremonies, and encouraging and educating the kids. I am very happy with the district."

Enrichment Programs

"Music program - Continued growth in the music program is very evident. The dedication of the teachers has helped to expand the programs and offer more opportunities to the students."

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