Thoughts On Reporting Grades

Consistent grading policy

"The way the school generates school grades is very difficult. Once a grade is put in it either dramatically decreases or increases your grade because of the point system."

Value of testing and grading

"Students become so focused on getting the 4.0 that they aren't learning the material to develop their skills, but are learning to pass the test and move on."

eSchool system and online tools

"Finding and seeing your grades is fast and easy. The ability to open eSchool and see your grades almost right after your teacher grades them is very useful, in case you need to see makeup work or find out why your grade is the way it is."

Interim and quarterly reports

"I believe that grades should only be administered 2 times a quarter. When 3 week grades are handed out they are an inaccurate representation of skill. Grades on the 3 week report card are always lower for me than others. We only usually take one quiz/test so if you don't do very good on it then your grades are really low. A more accurate way would be to do 5 weeks and 10."

Report comments and feedback

"Teacher Comments. I don't like that the comments are pre written. I think personalized feedback would be way more valuable. Saying that "You're a pleasure in class" doesn't help what specifically you can improve on. Also, I would like if teachers could tell you what you're missing so you can understand why you got that grade."

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