We Appreciate

Sports and Extracurricular

"The clubs such as drama club, student council, jazz band, etc. It gives kids who can't participate in sports the ability to become involved with their peers."

Advanced Classes and College Preparation

"We appreciate the opportunities offered to get an early start on college courses! For motivated students, this can ease the financial burden of college."

Teachers and Staff

"Teachers work tirelessly to provide students with opportunities. Teachers are always going above and beyond to find ways to get students involved, interested, and excited about learning at all levels."

After School Programs

"These activities provide students with a way to be involved, and a way to avoid risky behaviors. On any given day, multiple teachers can be seen after school, working with students individually, or as coaches/advisors for clubs and sports."

Curriculum and Programs

"The summer camp program is a great addition to the district. Students who would not otherwise be involved in educational opportunities are supported and enriched during the summer months."

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