Future Improvements

Academic Support and Intervention

"Increase support staff as needed. Some of our students need more assistance than is currently provided in the classroom. Students who are not diagnosed are struggling to have their needs met. At times throughout the day, it would be beneficial to have aides or teacher assistants who are available to push in and assist during lessons."

Student Behavior and Discipline

"Do not allow a few extremely uncooperative, disruptive students to taint the learning environment for an entire group of students."

After School Programs

"More opportunities for student involvement at the elementary level. In keeping with our district goal to achieve a 95% participation rate, it would be very beneficial to our students at the elementary levels to have more opportunities to get involved in programs after the school day ends."

Enrichment Programs

"Make sure we are support higher level learners as well as the lower level. Some of higher level learners are missing out on being pushed to the next level because we are gearing our energy to bringing the lower level students to grade level. Some of our other kids could benefit with pushing them to the next level in the areas they excel."

Advanced Classes and College Preparation

"Additional guidance for college opportunities. Help students at all levels find more opportunities for colleges. There seems to be a status quo type acceptance that most students will go to SUNY Broome and this seems to be for financial reasons. Help students explore other opportunities i.e. another community college and find them the financial support."

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