Our Concerns Are

Drug Issues

"Drug issues - We are all fools if we think that there is no issue with drugs in our school. Each and everyday my child has some story or some conversation that he thankfully shares with me about drugs. He fears they will be pressured on him and he gets so upset that he sees these kids so out of their minds high"

Student Behaviour and Discipline

"Discipline - Too often students see disruptive students re-enter class after verbally or physically assaulting staff or students before they are ready to return. Teachers hold a lot on their shoulders not just with curriculum, but a fear to reach out when a student is a struggle in their classroom behaviorally."


"Communication from the Middle School is extremely lacking - Even though the kids are given information, it is not always relayed. This is especially true for extra curricular activities. Last year I relied heavily on the calendar for concert dates, dances, etc. This year the calendar doesn't list them at all. I'm finding out about activities after-the-fact."


"Substitute shortage - There seems to be a shortage of substitute teachers and when I have put in for half days, substitutes have even canceled on me last minute. Is there a way to compete with larger districts to get more qualified subs?"

Parent Involvement

"School Plus - parent access - I've found it difficult to keep my child on track when the grades are not updated frequently for the different courses. I may see many missing assignments or test grades and a low course average while it may turn out my concerns were due to a lack of the information being updated."

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