Things To Consider

Value of testing and grading

"Not every kid is good with tests, and we shouldn't be graded soley on whether we pass a test or not."

Consistent grading policy

"Keep in mind the universality of the system. If you could possibly get a 100 on an essay in the new system but a 65 somewhere else, that system would be flawed."

Report comments and feedback

"Comments on why we got our grade. I think that the teachers should make comments on why we got our grades. For example, if you are failing a class I feel the teacher should give comments that inform the parents why their child is failing. Then if a kid is doing good they should inform them what the are doing good to deserve that grade."

Student engagement and wellness

"Important things to remember. Kids need to rest their brain every once in a while so homework should be every other night."

Grade input and staff workload

"One thing to consider is human error. Different teachers grade differently and one person may be smarter than another student but his or her grades may not be as good because his or her teacher grades hasher. The new grading policy should try to eliminate the human error of grading."

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