Additional Thoughts

Appreciative Thoughts

"Congratulations on being ranked in the top 200 schools - The positive ranking shows how hard the district is working to put Windsor on the right track to becoming a quality, competitive school district."

Teachers and Staff

"Our schools go above and beyond for the kids - There are many teachers willing to come in early, stay late, and put in their free time to help a student succeed."

School Environment

"One of a kind - Windsor Central School District is one of a kind. The administration is supportive of the teachers, community, and the students. Students feel safe and are eager to learn and the staff is happy to be here. I can't imagine being anyplace else as a educator."

Student Support and Engagement

"Proud - I am extremely proud to be here and I am enjoying the fact that Windsor never stops. When they've created a new and successful opportunity to further student learning, we then think "How can we make this better?" or "What can we do next?""


"Counselling and class scheduling - I feel it’s very important to keep the parents in the loop about courses being recommended for student’s next year schedule. Advance notice to parents when sessions are scheduled and how parents may participate while time still exists to make changes is appreciated."

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