Vocational and Experiential Learning

"Classes about financial planning and budgeting - These should be as much of a requirement as reading, writing and math because they are skills needed throughout life , whether the child goes to college or not."

Extracurricular and Athletics

"Experience - I wish there was more outreach to the students that are not involved in a lot of extra curricular activites. Not everyone makes the sports team and knowing what else there is to do is important. Reach out to these children and make sure they know what there is available."

Enrichment Programs

"Enrichment - Opportunities to continue in advancement in any given subject. Academically as well as physical education, music, art, and literature."

Science and Technology Classes

"Alternate classes - It would be nice to have a course on coding available. Alternate courses during PE would be nice, ex: strength training, archery, XC skiing, floor hockey."


"Cursive writing - I know this should really be taught in elementary school but it seems to be considered not an important subject. Why? Our children are not going to know how to sign their name."

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