Future Opportunities

Career Planning and Support

"Real world experiences - How cool would it be if all of our students were able to get exposure to a career path that they found to be interesting like going to and shadowing doctors, lawyers, firefighters, police, engineers, truck drivers, dozer drivers, etc?"

After School Programs

"Additional elementary extracurricular - One day a week is a great start for after-school enrichment/homework club! Can we do this more often?"

Experiential Learning

"More project-based learning and cooperative learning. Doing more hands-on projects, and learning to work more in groups, may help some students to expand the idea of learning as more than just textbook classroom work. It helps them solve problems, learn how to research, and remember what they learn better than just memorizing facts."

Curriculum and Programs

"Driver education - This is a program that absolutely should be included and mandatory. It will improve driving habits, teach responsible decision making where cars are involved, avoid accidents and teen injuries and deaths."

Community Service and Engagement

"Opportunities to contribute to a better community would help teach the importance of becoming a caring and contributing member of society. Serving others in need offers the opportunity to learn that there's more to teen life than egocentrism. It also teaches lifelong lessons of the value of service."

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